Testimonials for Gavin Reid Education Consultants

  • Fantastic course. Very interesting, full of strategies.

    Lots of practical info – useful for taking back to school.

    Most helpful – group discussions allowed us to mull over and reflect on what we had just heard…  well-paced and informative delivery.

    An excellent day. Updated on the most recent developments, and reminded me why I got involved with pupils with ‘learning difficulties’ in the first place.

    Gavin’s approach re-energised me – great knowledge and enthusiasm.  Encouraged me to re-evaluate my approach.

    Outstandingly good. Many thanks.

    Great to get excellent strategies to use, and reaffirm that we are doing so much right. Great ideas to share with colleagues less familiar with dyslexia and other associated difficulties.

    Dyslexia in the classroom course feedback

  • Gavin Reid has been a great contributor to the entire dyslexia movement and the work that Gavin is doing around the world is so important.

    Sir Jackie Stewart

  • You are such an inspiration and I’m pretty sure I nailed my AMBDA thanks to reading your books…

    Marlene Harber

    Wolverhampton, UK

  • Dear Gavin, I just wanted to pass on some feedback from the teacher.  She contacted me to thank me for passing on your assessment report and said that it was set out so clearly in terms she could understand and that, in 25 years of teaching, it was the best and most concise report she had seen. Many thanks.


  • Everyone said what an amazing presenter you are! Several of us are now going to get together as a group to try to do more to make positive changes. Your efforts here  will create an ongoing impact – we will make sure of it.

    Mandy Appleyard, Fun Track Learning

    Perth, Western Australia

  • You are providing such an important service to the world of education – not to mention the hundreds of children in need of support. Your input is immeasurable as you bring essential insights to parents, teachers, and of course our young. Many thanks.

    Margaret Donald


  • I’ve been at a few of your talks in Aberdeen and have been thoroughly inspired each time. Many thanks.



  • Hi Gavin
    It was a pleasure to meet you.  The in service at the school was excellent and left me wanting more. I and the teachers at the school look forward to much more contact in the future.
    Best wishes

    Head Teacher JFK School

    August 2012 – Gstaad, Switzerland

  • Your books are the core course text in all the dyslexia courses in Malaysia

    Dr. Ong Puay Hoon, President of the Dyslexia Association of Sarawak (DASwk)


  • Dear Dr. Reid, I had to email you to thank you for your book on dyslexia, second edition. My son has very recently diagnosed as dyslexic and he also has dysgraphia, and I picked up your book in my library and found your book so informative.  It was a genuine comfort and now I have a much better understanding of how to help my son, how to work with his school and how to deal with this myself.   I now also know the importance of self-belief and self-esteem.
    I am looking forward to re-reading your book and learning more. I just wanted to thank you, You have made a big difference to my little guy and his mums life.

    Trish Somerville

    Dublin, Ireland

  • During my years as Head of Learning Support in two Geneva schools, I have referred numerous children to Dr. Gavin Reid for assessment. At such a crucial point in their education, Dr. Reid certainly knows how to put students at ease. The children I have sent to him have never been daunted by the assessment process (as is sometimes the case), and some even return to school saying they have enjoyed it!

    Parents appreciate the fact that the sessions are always carried out in a very professional way, with attention to detail. Dr. Reid’s vast experience as an educational psychologist enables an astute selection of tests for each individual student.

    As an experienced teacher, I have always found Dr. Reid’s recommendations particularly useful. His suggestions are pertinent, with up-to-date websites and materials etc. His insights into a student’s strengths and weaknesses are invaluable when constructing an Individual Education Plan in close collaboration with parents. As a former teacher himself, Dr. Reid has an excellent understanding of the classroom context. He comes with my highest recommendation.

    Margaret Benyon, Head of Learning Support

  • Gavin Reid is that rare professional who not only explains how children learn best, but also suggests a myriad of practical strategies to help them. I highly recommend his books to everyone from undergraduates to “old hands” working toward successful inclusion. Parents too will benefit from Dr. Reid’s wise and comprehensive experience

    Jane M. Healy, Jane M. Healy, Author of "Your Child's Growing Mind: Brain Development and Learning from Birth to Adolescence,"

  • Gavin Reid has the ability to make a complicated subject easily accessible to the reader… I recommend this book to everyone undertaking teacher training and to all teachers with pupils struggling with literacy.

    European Journal of Special Needs Education

  • Gavin you not only care about what you do but you are a real expert in the field. I could have sat all week listening and learning from you

    Wendy O'Conner, Educational Psychologist

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Thank you Gavin for such a brilliant presentation yesterday. It was a real eye opener, everyone went back to their schools with enthusiasm and to tell others about your talk.

    Vicky Clarke, Principal - Zenith School

    Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

  • Thanks so much for the day you gave to us – I personally learn something new every time I hear or read your work. The participants also scored your tutor style as collectively – excellent

    Susan Strachan, Conference Organiser

    May 2010 – Aberdeen, Dyslexia North East

  • Awesome presentation I loved your ADHD presentation – Thank you very much

    Adeline Dubreuil

    May 2010 – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada LDA Conference

  • We were very pleased with your insights

    Elise Cortes, parent

    June 2013 – Whitehorse, Yukon

  • I very much enjoyed hearing you speak at NASEN Live in May – your demonstrations were so engaging and really helped to illustrate concepts that can be difficult to understand.

    Polly Thorpe, Senior Lecturer, Primary and Early Years Education, Edge Hill University

  • Thanks for your excellent presentation at the NASEN event at the Reebok stadium

    Alison Grime, SENCo, Oakhill College

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring seminars you put on in Singapore last weekend. I certainly came away with lots to think about.

    Michelle Perche - Learning Development Teacher - Discovery College


  • Thank you so much for the most informative day on Friday. I have been working in the learning difficulty area now for about 6 years but I feel like a veil has been lifted!

    Mary Cartmer, Learning Support Teacher, Australian International School Singapore

    June 2010 – Singapore Seminars

  • That seminar was the best I have ever attended. It”s too bad we can’t clone Dr., Reid! Or can we? (from an Assoc member of the Academy)


    Great person to start our day!

    Wonderful presentation style

    Very engaging and personable – his audience participation was excellent

    Ratings for both your keynote and session, on a scale of 1 – 5  were 5!…  super job.

    Comments on Keynote presentation

    April 2010 – Toronto OG conference

  • Dear Dr. Reid, until your talk in Abu Dhabi my husband and I had never felt Dyslexia had positives, we both feel differently now; Thank you for that.

    Mairi McDonald

    Abu Dhabi

  • Gavin Reid has been a great contributor to the entire dyslexia movement and the work that Gavin is doing around the world is so important. Gavin has a wealth of experience with considerable knowledge and has a proven track record in this field of dyslexia. Few people can communicate as successfully as Gavin Reid on this subject; he reaches out, not just to those who suffer the pains and frustrations of dyslexia, but just as importantly, he opens the eyes of the parents to allow them a better understanding, of their children.

    Sir Jackie Stewart

  • Just to say thank you so much for finding the time in your very busy schedule to carry out such a detailed assessment for Harry.  Your insight is very much appreciated and it has put my mind at rest.

    Rita Waddell

    Oakhill School, Switzerland

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Nasen conference in May at the Reebok Stadium and was inspired by your thoughts and ideas on dyslexia

    Joanne Day, SENCO

    May 2013 – Lancashire, UK

  • We were very pleased with your insights

    Elise Cortes, parent,

    June 2013 – Yukon, Canada