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ACAMH 2017

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) is a registered charity with over 60 years’ experience in promoting the advancement of child & adolescent mental health. In September I spoke in Cardiff to ACAMH’s Wales branch at a one day conference on dyslexia. Over sixty delegates made the trip to the city’s All Nations’ Centre to listen to talks from leading researchers and practitioners.

I spoke on the latest forms of dyslexia assessment and intervention and the increasing awareness of dyslexia, both among teachers and elsewhere. More and more teachers are going to be trained to not only identify, but intervene in dyslexia. The UK was in a good position to be doing the best for young people with dyslexia. I travel and teach in a lot of countries and I’d say the UK is well in front by far. With engaging events being held by ACAMH branches across the country, hopefully UK practitioners and researchers can continue to excel.

Further details are available from the ACAMH website