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Dr.Gavin Reid’s Australian 2014 Tour

AUSTRALIA: a FULL day with dyslexia expert Dr. Gavin Reid.

Dr. Gavin Reid is a world renowned expert on the topic of dyslexia and learning differences. The Australian Dyslexia Association are excited to be presenting his one day seminars in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast in July and August 2014. This is a not to be missed event for all teachers, principals, allied professionals, parents and others.

Information and registration can be found at:


Tour dates and venues

Friday 25 July at Bialik College

Gold Coast
Tuesday 29 July at Robina State School

Friday 1 August at the Brisbane Convention Centre

Monday 4 August at Kidman Park Primary School

6 and 7 August
Learning Difference Convention
More details here

Dr Reid will also tour Nelson and Taupo, New Zealand in July 2014. More details here.


Topics include:
Understanding and dealing with dyslexia
Meeting the needs of all
Teaching styles and inclusive classroom practices

Who should attend:
Class teachers, support teachers, allied professionals, principals/executive staff, parents and those with an interest in learning differences and inclusive practices

This is a full day seminar.
Seminar starts at 9AM and finish by 4PM

Fee per attendee:
$195 (Full price)
$185 (Australian Dyslexia Association members)

Registration includes:
Seminar handouts, morning tea and lunch


Topic Overview

Understanding and Dealing with Dyslexia
This session will provide an overview of the field of dyslexia and answer many questions that teachers often ask, such as what is dyslexia, and how can I identify and deal with dyslexia in the classroom. The session will set the scene for the rest of the day and indicate the range of strategies and intervention that can be used for Dyslexia in the classroom.

Meeting the Needs of all – Identification, Differentiation and Metacognition
This session will look at the ‘barriers to learning’ and consider the significance of these for learners with dyslexia and particularly how these can be identified and dealt with in the school. This session will provide information on assessment and link assessment with teaching and intervention. There will also be some practical exercises on differentiation and metacognition.

Learning Styles and Inclusions
This presentation will provide practical insights into the use of learning styles and focus on identifying the dyslexic student’s learning style and show how this can be used in teaching. Students need to be aware of their learning preferences, particularly students with dyslexia. Knowledge of learning styles can be an important determinant of successful learning – irrespective of the task, or the material to be learnt. It is important that students become aware of their learning style as this can help develop skills for lifelong learning. This session will also focus on the challenges of providing an inclusive learning experience for children and young people with dyslexia.

Australian Dyslexia Association President, Jodi Clements will accompany Dr. Gavin Reid on his Australian tour. Jodi will introduce Dr. Gavin Reid’s seminars and will join Gavin for the Q and A at the culmination of each of Gavin’s seminars.