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Recommended literacy resources

Last updated August 2013. If you have any recommendations you would like share or spot anything that needs updating please get in touch.




Helping Children with Dyslexia
21 super strategies to ensure your child’s success at school by Liz Dunoon


Working with Dyscalculia
Book plus a free set of Maths Symbols and Language posters
by Anne Henderson, Fil Came and Mel Brough


The Trouble with Maths: A practical guide to helping learners with numeracy difficulties
by Steve Chinn from Routledge Falmer


Learning Works


Crossbow Educational


SEN books


The Dyslexia Shop


Dyslexia Scotland




Red Rose School


Oakhill school


A Course for Parents

Institute for Child Education and Psychology (ICEP Europe)

Dyslexia: Making the Most of your Child’s Potential
An Online Certificate Course by Dr. Gavin Reid

ICEP Europe is the trusted source for online continuing education and professional development for educators and allied professionals who work with children and young people. Specialising in psychology and special needs, our courses are all developed and taught by leading practitioners in their fields. Our aim as an organisation is to assist all children in reaching their full potential through the highest quality continuing professional development.

All our courses are delivered via user-friendly and state of the art technology, putting you in control of when and where you choose to study. Our courses have a practical focus and address the real–life problems confronting educators. By utilising the most recent research, we fast track the latest information into the classroom. ICEP Europe is committed to excellence in education; our dedicated staff and innovative online learning environment allows us to deliver quality education that makes a difference.