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Reviews: Dyslexia in the Early Years – A Handbook for Practice

‘As the parent of a dyslexic child and a headteacher and SENCo for 17 years, I was impressed by the breadth and depth of this book. It is both practical and well researched. The emphasis on partnership with parents and providing intervention from the sound foundations of play-based early years pedagogy creates a book for practitioners, parents and those working with children who display a range of dyslexic tendencies.’

– Montessori International

‘Gavin Reid has provided a much needed text which will greatly assist practitioners in the timely identification and educational support planning for dyslexia. The clear emphases upon partnership working with parents and children’s motivation are particularly relevant for the early years practitioner. With its authoritative, practical and accessible style, this book will be an invaluable resource for early years and special needs practitioners.’

– Kevin Woods, Professor of Educational and Child Psychology, The University of Manchester, UK

‘An excellent resource! Dr. Reid holds a unique ability to provide practical and necessary information with an international perspective. Beyond the first read, this book holds valuable resources for reference again and again. Dyslexia in the Early Years is a must read for parents, educators and those who support children with dyslexia.’

– Corey Zylstra, M.Ed. International OG/MSL Teacher Trainer and Executive Director of REACH OG Learning Centres, Canada

‘Gavin Reid provides a wealth of information on dyslexia for parents and teachers, blending a comprehensive overview of research, pragmatic advice, lists of resources and wisdom based on many years of wide experience in the field.’

– Professor Steve Chinn, PhD, FRSA

‘It has been a very great pleasure to read and recommend Gavin Reid’s new book, Dyslexia in the Early Years, a resource that should prove invaluable to teachers, researchers and parents. Gavin has a unique ability to smoothly incorporate the latest developments in both theory and practice into an approachable format for his readers, while successfully addressing some of the current controversies. A range of resources are highlighted for teachers to meet the individual and classroom needs of this age group, not only in literacy skills but also in the important wider aspects of learning, including both social and emotional well-being.’

– Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett

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