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Youngest pilot to fly solo around the world gives inspirational talk

James Tan and Gavin Reid

I recently met Captain James Tan at the 1st Asia –Pacific Conference in Sarawak in June 2013. He holds Multiple World Records and National Records. He flew a 30-year-old, single-engine Cessna 210 eagle aircraft, at the age of, 21, from Sungai Long, Kajang, touched down at Subang airport after visiting 21 countries, completing 22,000 miles (40,000 KM) in 50 days during the “1 Malaysia Round the world Expedition (1RTW),” setting the new world record for the Youngest pilot to fly solo around the world. James is dyslexic and gave an inspirational talk on his experiences as a dyslexic – through school and in his present ambassadorial role.